Picnics after School Club is registered with Ofsted; our registration number is EY544726. We provide care for up to 50 children between the ages of 4 and 12, primarily serving the children of Moulton Primary School.

Places are offered on a first-come first-served basis. When all places have been filled a waiting list will be established, with the following order of priority:

  1. Siblings of children already attending the club
  2. Those requiring the greatest number of sessions/hours per week
  3. Children of Moulton Primary School
  4. Children living in the area attending other schools
  5. Sibling of children who live in the area attending other schools


When an enquiry regarding places is made, parents or carers will be given all the relevant Club information, including:

  • Information regarding availability of places
  • Details of the Admissions and Fees policy
  • Registration form, medical form, parent contract, booking form, photo permission form
  • Behaviour Management policy
  • Complaints policy
  • Club Handbook

If a place is available, the parents and child will be invited to visit the club for an induction. The child will be able to attend the Club as soon as the completed forms are received.

If no places are available the parent will be informed and the child’s name added to the waiting list. As soon as suitable place become available parents will be informed.

Booking procedure

Parents must complete the necessary paperwork, ie contract, registration, medical, booking and photo permission forms, before their children can attend the club.

Permanent place:

Once booked, if a child does not attend for any reason, you will still be charged for this place. If you wish to cancel the place altogether, one month’s notice in writing is required from the 1st on the month.

Temporary booking:

We will accept temporary or occasional bookings as long as there are places available. If a temporary place has been booked and is no longer required, the club must be given 48 hours notice. If notice is not given, the place will still be charged for.

Fee structure

Fees are charged in the Morning session and afternoon sessions.
The Club recognises that childcare can be costly, so we encourage eligible parents or carers to claim the childcare element of the Working Tax Credit. We are also registered to accept childcare vouchers

  • Fees are payable monthly in advance on the 1st of the month
  • Fees can be paid by electronic transfer, cash or direct debit
  • There is a charge of £3 for late collection. After 6pm this increases to £8, a further £10 is payable for every 15 minutes thereafter, which will be added to the next invoice.
  • Fees are charged for booked sessions whether the child attends or not

Payment of fees

Fees are reviewed annually. The Club will consider requests for variation to payment terms on an individual basis. Anyone making these requests should contact the manager at the earliest opportunity. Any queries regarding fees should be directed to the manager.

If fees are not paid, the Club will write to the parent or carer, requesting payment. If the parents or carers are having difficulty making the payment on time we recommend that they arrange a meeting with the manager as soon as possible.

Where there is no explanation for repeated late payment, the manager will contact the parents or carers to discuss payment options. The manager may issue a formal warning to the parent or carer informing them that continued late payment will result in their child’s place at the Club being withdrawn.
If the fees remain unpaid after all the above options have been explored, the Club may have to cancel the child’s place.

This policy was adopted by Picnics After School Club.

Written in accordance with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2014): Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements: Information and records [3.68-3.75]